Thais Mills - Painter. Poet. Advocate. Mom


Before Flowers she did WHAT ?!?

Her world was unexpectedly erased by a devastating storm. What else could fiery Literacy Advocate / Poet / American Painter  / Voice Actor / Creative Writer /   Thais` Alice Mills do but pick up her pencil to INK the next chapter.

With Hurricane Katrina demolishing her family home of 23 years, cozy art studio / office in New Orleans, Thais` (pronounced Ty-eece) resourcefully brought all of her time and talent to creating original art, events & even a Literacy Magazine to reconnect her to the city she lost.

“My displaced Gulf Coast art buyers & readers are all over the world now, being interactive is how I keep in touch. 


Mills shared on New Orleans television just four short months after the storm. Her lifelong love of reading was the driving force for its creation.  

A blur of fairy-tale happenings make up the early chapters of Thais’ life.  Though she first displayed artistic talent at age eleven, Thais` Mills believes her birth name preconditioned her for the spotlight. Her mom being a Pharmacist would bring home medical writing tablets and new pens daily and Thais would see them as actual gifts. Doodling evolved into writing short stories and eventually poetry. 

When evacuating for Katrina Thais remembered to grab all of her poetry books filled with hand-written poems instead of baby pictures that were all destroyed. Even Essence Editor, Susan Taylor confirmed that something-special in Thais by sharing thoughts on her “very interesting name,” when they met in Thais` pre-teen years.

Poetry aided in the materialization her childhood dream. Her first business, Da’ Poet’s Tree, LLC, was incepted before Thais turned 20 years old. Da’ Poet’s Tree offers a diverse catalog of over 4,500 poems.

Thais has performed these eloquent poems on stage, in private screenings and personalized poetry projects. Thais produced a fun spirted open mic at a popular Jazz Club in New Orleans. The name of her poetry production that ran 3 years up until the week before Hurricane Katrina was called ( you guessed it ) Lip Service Ink.

 Developing her already savvy writing skills at Southern University in New Orleans, Thais began transposing her words in three prominent publications, Data News Weekly, Offline and Sisterhood Magazine with original columns spanning from romance to entertainment. She now utilizes those skills on An eclectic portal that fuses her custom columns with innovative interviews and fun literacy education. 

Sporting her passion with a purpose Thais uses a single bookmark as her only tool to connect with new readers and brands. To date more than 4 million FREE bookmarks have been distributed across the globe. No one has ever paid for a bookmark or the shipping of a bookmark and Thais prides herself in keeping it that way.

Painting is how I relax, it'll never be work.

Thais's first dot-com venture, Enticing Objects emerged in 2000 spotlighting her hand painted crafts which today have expanded to include Office ArtCouture Magnets, Photo Clips and Canvas Collections with charity beneficiaries attached. While in high school Thai` taught Arts n Crafts at a Summer Camp to 5-6 yr olds and through Word of Mouth orders started coming in for her Original painted creations. Now everyone from Fashion Icon, Kimora Lee Simmons, Grammy Nominated R&B star Kelly Price to countless stars and loyal art buyers have Thais's art in their home. It all still overwhelms Ms. Mills that thousands of her pieces have been sold from a single website that now ranks #1 on Google.

The artistic " grind " never stops for Thais Mills - with the launch of the " Bibby Gumbo Book Club " ( November 2014 ), a cutting edge book club / book drive series where parents are invited to engage with their babies (bibby) at the New Orleans Public Library system. Bibby Gumbo Book Club celebrates literacy for pregnant moms to 6 year old kids. Thais will also host a fun themed book drive twice a year to assist in re-stocking the libraries in her hometown.

& Now she blooms...

Thais Flowers is Original Art made for a walking canvas. Every Couture design is created / hand-painted by Thais Mills to be shipped around the world. From Dubai to Dallas #ThaisFlowers are finding their way to a vanity table near you!