Popular Child Actress, Alyssa Cheatham gets Thais Flowers

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Alyssa Cheatham is the cutest little princess on the silver screen and people are taking notice. From Nationwide Honda commercials to playing Will Smith's daughter in " Collateral " - you can't miss this little Miss. I was so honored to send the starlet a few of my designs.

It was simply icing on the cake to watch her reaction as she opened her first Thais Flowers package. Look for Alyssa to literally bloom on the red carpet and beyond all while wearing Thais Flowers. Go see what she's up to by clicking below.

Simone Biles wears " American Girl " by

LipServiceInk Literacy Magazine

When I discovered how inspirational Simone Biles was it propelled me to paint a fresh " American Girl " Orchid just for her. 

Simone Biles is now officially #TEAMUSA. Hailing from the Lonestar State, 19 year old Biles is "one-fifth" of the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team. Before Simone accepted the most potent position for any gymnast she wore ThaisFlowers and proudly told the world.

I was honored to log in one day and see SImone rocking her red, blue and white hand-painted petals. Prepare to scream at your TV screens loud as you can for the entire U.S. Women's Gymnastics team. Then scream just a wee bit louder for Simone, cuz she cool like that !!!!